Undead Sea Update Brings a New Tokyo Level to World War Z Today

By Rebecca Smith,
The World War Z Season One roadmap promised a new Tokyo-based mission and zombie type for May. Just a couple of days late, both of these have arrived as part of the Undead Sea Update, as well as private lobbies and a whole host of bug fixes.

The Tokyo 3 level puts players aboard a ferry that's become infested with the undead. You'll work your way through cabins and open decks as you progress, but not only will you face all of the zombies you've seen before, there's a new zombie type to take you by surprise. This zombie spits toxins at players, making it a distant and close quarters threat. You'll also need to make completely sure it's dead because it'll come back to life if there's even a slither of health left.

As well as the new level and zombie type, the Undead Sea Update adds private lobbies, as well as the ability to host local games. Bots can be disabled in private lobbies too. Finally, the additons include a user interface that shows the maximum difficulty on which a player completed the level, a FoV scale slider, and the chance to change PvP loadout during a game. You can see a full list of changes in the patch notes.

The Undead Sea Update is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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