Assassin's Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis DLC Continues Today

By Rebecca Smith, 3 months ago
"The Fate of Atlantis - Episode 2: Torment of Hades" arrives today for Assassin's Creed Odyssey players. The second episode begins immediately after the events of "Episode 1: Fields of Elysium", so be aware that the following may contain spoilers, because Ubisoft Quebec has outlined exactly what players can expect to find, including the story, its enemies, and perhaps most importantly, the new ability enhancements you'll find within the latest episode.

The episode begins with a battle against Cerberos, a three-headed dog that guards the gates to the Underworld. Once the battle's over, players can explore the Underworld deserts and meet familiar faces from your previous escapades. One of those will be Hades, who wants you to escort prisoners to the pit of Tartaros. While you're there, you may as well try to recruit Perseus, Achilles, Agamemnon, and Herakles, the four heroes who dominate the hierarchy of the Fallen, to serve as Hades' new guards. The problem is that to recruit them, you'll need to defeat them in battle.

The hierarchy of the Fallen is the DLC's alternative for the mercenary rankings. You can't improve your own standing as you're not dead, but it does allow you to track the Fallen on the map. The Fallen are the thugs and cultists you've already killed once, but they carry pieces of the Armor of the Fallen set, making it worth your while to hunt them down again. This set lets you access places where only the dead can enter, and you'll need the armor set to finish some of the DLC's quests. The Underworld is also home to more Isu soldiers and Kolossi with their supernatural abilities.

To take down all of these new enemies, you'll get new Legendary weapons and three more Ability Enhancements. To get the Ability Enhancements, you'll need to find more Keeper's Insights hidden tablets that allow you to power up the corresponding level 3 skills. The three Ability Enhancements players can unlock in "Episode 2: Torment of Hades" are:

  • Artemis' Trickery, which replaces Devastating Shot and lets you fire arrows into the ground (including special arrows) to create traps, which deal 250% Hunter damage to anyone who wanders into them.
  • Kronos Time Shift replaces Vanish, and launches you into the air while simultaneously freezing time for three seconds and stunning nearby enemies. During this window, you can use Hunter abilities or transition into a Leap of Faith ground smash to deal CRIT damage.
  • Ares' Last Breath replaces Second Wind. Instead of instantly healing you, this gives you 10 seconds of invulnerability, cancels any fire or poison effects, automatically parries melee attacks, and returns 5% of any damage you deal as health.
To get to this episode, players at level 28 or above need to complete the DLC's first episode; mythological main game story arc, Between Two Worlds; and the Lost Tales of Greece questline, Heir of Memories. Once this is done, you'll be able to begin "The Fate of Atlantis - Episode 2: Torment of Hades" and earn the episode's achievements. If players want to try out the DLC without completing those requirements, the game will create a temporary save file with a preset level 52 character with specific abilities and resources. However, using this temporary save file will prevent players from unlocking achievements.

"The Fate of Atlantis - Episode 2: Torment of Hades" is available from 12am local time today, June 4th.

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