The Legendary Hunt Begins in Apex Legends After Brief Delay

By Rebecca Smith,
To help players to get ready for the reveal of Apex Legends Season 2 at EA PLAY this weekend, The Legendary Hunt event is bringing players back into the game this week with new rewards and bonus XP to earn. After a brief delay to implement patch 1.2, the event is running now.

Over the next two weeks, the best players will be placed against each other in the Apex Elite Queue. Those who place in the Top 5 in any match can choose to join a queue that pits them against other Top 5 winners. If you want to stay in the playlist, you'll need to keep placing in the Top 5 in matches where the Ring closes faster and players who step out of the safe zone will be hit with increased damage. Those who choose to take on the challenge can earn themselves unique character-specific badges.

Between now and June 18th, there are event-specific challenges to complete that will reward a badge and skins. Anybody who finishes in the Top 5 of any match will get a Legendary Hunt Badge that tracks your longest Top 5 streak in the Elite Queue, as well as an entire Battle Pass level that can be earned once per day. The Rare Wolfpack G7 Scout weapon skin is rewarded to players who finish in the Top 5 in an Apex Elite match, while the Epic Master of the Hunt Bloodhound Legend skin is on offer to those who finish Top 5 in any match a total of five times. Finally, the Legendary Tamed Beast Triple Take weapon skin can be earned for winning two matches in any queue.

Finally, there will be a rotating list of Legendary Hunt themed skins in the store, and this list changes every 3-4 days. The skins are limited to events only, so they may return to the store, but Respawn can't promise when this will be. Those who have purchased the Wild Frontier Battle Pass will also receive the Legendary Honored Prey R-301 skin, while the Wraith Night Terror Legendary skin will be given to those who are at Battle Pass level 15 by the time the event ends.

The Legendary Hunt

As well as the event, Respawn has released patch 1.2 that has a handful of fixes for loot placement in King's Canyon, as well as a whole host of quality of life fixes. You can see a list of these changes in the full patch notes.

Both the patch and The Legendary Hunt are available now. If you only have a limited amount of time to check it out, make sure you do so this weekend between 10:00 a.m. PT on June 7th and 10:00 a.m. PT on June 10th, as this is when a double XP event will offer double level XP and Battle Pass XP throughout.

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Written by Rebecca Smith
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