Destiny 2 Goes Free-to-Play in September, Cross-Save Also Coming

By Rebecca Smith,
Destiny 2's "Shadowkeep" expansion leaked in several places this morning, including the Microsoft Store, but alongside that leak came a waft of rumours surrounding the main game's future. It would be going free-to-play. Cross-save would be available between Xbox One and other platforms. There would no longer be any content exclusive to PlayStation 4. Well, it turns out all of those rumours are true, and those changes will be coming into the game with the arrival of the "Shadowkeep" expansion in September.

Destiny 2: New Light is a free-to-play version of the game that will include all of the game's first year of content, such as its "foundational modes, activities, and rewards". It's intended to be an entry point for new players where they'll create a Guardian, play the first mission, and then enter the Tower where all of the game's content can be found, including Curse of Osiris and Warmind. There will be all of the game's worlds, co-op strikes, all multiplayer maps, Gambit, and Raids like Leviathan. Players will start at Power Level 750 so they can play with others once they've done the first mission.

If you're unsure of which platform you wish to try out the game, the new Cross-Save function will also be of interest. Starting this fall, players Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC players will be able to play the game on either platform and pick up their progress from where they left off on the other. This includes access to all characters tied to your primary account. Bungie will provide more details on how Cross-Save will work this summer and they're hoping to bring Cross-Save to PlayStation 4 as well by the time Destiny 2: New Light is launched. In the meantime, there will no longer be an exclusivity window on PlayStation 4 — all content will arrive on all platforms at the same time.

Additional content will be available as premium add-ons, such as the upcoming "Shadowkeep". The expansion does indeed see players return to the Moon, where a lot has changed since Destiny. There are cracks, there's a new scarlet fortress, and a new enemy. Eris Morn has returned, and she has managed to unleash a long dormant power that did dwell below the surface but is now giving the Guardians nightmares. She needs their help to end control it, and it won't just be as simple as killing those enemies. As well as the new storyline, there'll be a new Raid set in the Black Garden, new Exotic weapons, and a new Dungeon.

Shadowkeep will also change some of the game's exisiting features and introduce new ways to play. It will allow further customisation of Guardians; armour, perks, and mods will be changed so players can now take any mod they've unlocked and apply it to any armour set. The team will introduce finishing moves that are specific to each class. Crucible Labs will be updated to include previous "much loved" game types, and playlists will be switched up.

If you want to see the whole reveal, you can see the stream in its entirety below. You'll need nearly 75 minutes to do so, and the stream starts at 14:55.

Not only will there be the digital versions of the game that we revealed earlier, there will also be a physical Collector's Edition. It will include the following items for a price of US$149.99/€159.99:

Digital Products delivered via Email before September 17, 2019:
  • Digital Code for Destiny 2: Digital Deluxe Edition, with Digital Deluxe Edition In-game Bonuses
  • Digital Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Original Soundtrack
Collector's Edition Exclusive Physical Collectible Bundle Contents delivered on or before September 17, 2019:
  • In-game Emblem Code: An exclusive in-game emblem code printed inside the physical collectible bundle.
  • Hive Cryptoglyph Replica: Follow clues in the Collector’s Edition to unlock the Hive Cryptoglyph and its secret contents. Dimensions: 7.8”L.
  • Metal Luna Mission Container: A metal Luna mission folio that holds esoteric relics and records. Dimensions: 8.6”L x 5.9”W.
  • Luna Mission Handbook: Containing 40 pages of schematics and design documents.
  • Luna Journal: A 160-page journal featuring additional story content that is bound with the mysterious charms and talismans of Eris Morn.
  • Artifacts from the Golden Age
Collector's Edition

Destiny 2: New Light and "Shadowkeep" will both be available on September 17th.

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