FIFA 20 Will Include a Street Football Story Mode and Online League

By Sam Quirke,
It's hard to innovate in a EA SPORTS title, because the whole concept is built around realism. However the FIFA 20 team is trying its best to break new ground, with a full street football career mode and online league.

FIFA 20 VOLTA Football

VOLTA Football isn't just a mode but a full suite of street football centric gameplay, featuring its own story mode starring the player's customised character. "Volta" means "return" in Portuguese, and in VOLTA Football the beautiful game returns to its humble origins.

Well, not that humble — although you can play in a grungy Amsterdam underpass, it looks like the street football scene also extends to a high-tech neon Tokyo rooftop that looks like a miniature Rocket League stage. That's likely the target market FIFA 20 is aiming for, with today's released details focusing heavily on match and character customisation and an altogether more colourful experience than your typical hyper-realistic FIFA fare.

That's not to say that VOLTA won't have the same precise level of detail players expect from the rest of FIFA 2020 of course. To stay true to the street scene of the real world, players will find simplified flicks and skill moves and new flair animations to better suit the smaller walled courts of the slightly-less-beautiful game — and yes, using the walls to your advantage will be allowed.

Just to drive home the effort to appeal to the modern gaming market, VOLTA will include custom cosmetics for your male or female character — including hairstyles and tattoos — and celebration emotes. "Vanity items" will be unlocked as you progress in VOLTA by completing in-game challenges. We're surprised they didn't announce a Battle Pass.

VOLTA will have four flavours. In VOLTA Kick-Off players will be able to take their favourite professional teams to the court in exhibition matches. VOLTA World puts you in charge of a custom team squaring off against other teams in the community — if you win a game, you can take a player from their team and build up your squad's skill and chemistry. VOLTA Story has players take their custom character on an international journey facing off against legends of the sport — eventually getting into the VOLTA World Championship in Buenos Aires. Finally, VOLTA League is an online, player-vs-player league complete with divisions, promotions and relegations.

If you're just interested in playing arcade matches, there's customisation available here too — 3v3 and 4v4 both come with a "Rush" variant which removes goalkeepers, and there's 5v5 and Professional Futsal too.

We are bound to see further details during the EA Play E3 livestream later today, both in terms of the full FIFA 20 experience and this new futsal experience. What are your thoughts so far?

FIFA 20 arrives on September 27th. Pre-orders will net players the opportunity to try out the game three days early, as well as some extra content to get a head start in Ultimate Team.

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