Here's Your New Apex Legend – Wattson, A French Engineering Genius

By Sam Quirke, 3 months ago
At EA Play, Respawn revealed more details of the upcoming Season 2 in Apex Legends. They've taken criticisms of Season 1 on board and are looking to ramp things up in Season 2 — starting with an interesting new defensive Legend.

Apex Wattson

No, not the old dude on the right — the plucky French lady genius on the left, Wattson. She and her father invented the Apex Arena and the technologies that power the tournament, so her inclusion marks the beginning of a push towards lore-building in the game — in her reveal teaser, we hear about the mysterious Syndicate behind the tournament. Wattson herself hopes that her father is proud "wherever" he is — so there's already a mysterious disappearance to ponder about.

Apparently all of the other legends love Wattson due to her spirit and her role in the tournament's design. In terms of gameplay, Wattson has extensive adaptable abilities focused on defensive play — building laser gates that your team can move through seamlessly but your enemies can't get through. Wattson's Ultimate is called Interception Pylon, which can regenerate team shields. It seems like she is bringing a little bit of Fortnite into Apex, with gameplay examples showing her build rapid defensive infrastructures — albeit at ground level. Her Passive Ability, Spark of Genius, allows her to supercharge her Tactical Ability to set down more laser pylons more quickly — while also allowing her to use Ultimate Accelerants to fully charge her Ultimate.

So what else will Season 2 bring? There will be some new skins for characters and weapons alike, and fans of Titanfall 2 may enjoy the inclusion of that game's L-Star machine gun — described by Respawn on stage as "pretty OP", which... doesn't sound great to be honest, but hopefully they were joking.

Season 2's Battle Pass will finally introduce challenge-based opportunities to level up rather than just relying on time. There will be new content types among the rewards. The biggest news is that Ranked Mode is finally arriving to Apex Legends' Seasons. Players will be able to progress through six tiers, from Bronze to Apex Predator. Matchmaking will try to keep players squaring off against players in their own skill range, and at the end of the Season rewards will be handed out based on the tier each player has managed to secure.

Finally, Respawn teased some upcoming changes to King's Canyon in Season 2... including what looked like a massive creature of some sort. We'll have to wait to find out more when Season 2 kicks off on July 2nd.

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