Gears Of War 5 Release Date Confirmed, New Mode & Exclusive Bonus Unveiled

By James Kearle,
It was recently confirmed that Gears 5 would be featuring on the Xbox stage at this year's E3. If this alone wasn't enough to fuel speculation regarding a potential release date, a recent rating board leak showcasing its box art further implied a release date was imminent. To the excitement of many, Xbox Game Studios indeed announced that Gears 5 will release onto Xbox One & PC on September 10th, with the game available 4 days early to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

For those who can't wait until September, there is some good news - a Multiplayer Tech Test for Gears 5 is coming July 17th, giving fans an exclusive insight into the game's visceral online component. This will subsequently be followed by a Horde Mode gameplay debut on August 19th at this year's Gamescom.

Additionally, a new game mode called "Escape" has also been unveiled. The goal of Escape is simple; as part of a team of hive busters, you have to plant a bomb in a Locust hive, and then escape alive. A bespoke trailer for this mode can be seen below.

There was one more piece of news for fans to enjoy. Anyone who pre-orders Gears 5 and plays it by September 16th will receive exclusive access to the "Terminator Dark Fate" character pack, which also got its own trailer.

Are you excited to play Gears 5? What do you think of the new Escape game mode? Let us know the comments.

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James Kearle
Written by James Kearle
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