Microsoft Shares Details on the Next Xbox, Project Scarlett

By Brandon Fusco,
Update: Phil Spencer has confirmed that Project Scarlett will have a disc drive.

At E3 2019 Microsoft revealed some details — including a release window — for the next Xbox console. Microsoft is touting this as the largest leap in console technology ever.

Project Scarlet will make use of a custom made Zen II Navi processor by AMD to coordinate the new consoles advanced technology. This new processor has four times the power of the already formidable Xbox One X's processor. In addition, the next generation of high-bandwidth RAM, GDDR6, will be used for the console's memory.

Microsoft has also created a new generation of SSD, which the console leverages as VRAM (Video RAM) to create up to a 40x increase in performance. This technology is set to deliver improved load times, 120 frames per second, 8k resolution, and real-time, hardware-accelerated ray tracing. The trailer goes on to suggest that this performance will be carried to older games as well, indicating that enhanced backward compatibility will be continuing into the next generation.

Still going by the codename Project Scarlett, the next Xbox console will be coming in time for Holiday of 2020 and will arrive alongside the next Halo game, Halo Infinite. Make sure to keep up to date on all the latest by following the news through our E3 Hub.
Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
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