Everything Announced During Bethesda's E3 2019 Show

By Rebecca Smith,
Bethesda's E3 conferences certainly hit the spot with their fans. Last year, we were all bewildered by a surprise performance from Andrew WK amongst all of the trailers and announcements. While nothing like that happened this year, there were still plenty of announcements that you may have missed. You can still see the full show on Youtube below, and you can also check out the full E3 2019 schedule to find out what else is happening over the next couple of days.

After the customary overview trailer to kick off the show, Bethesda began with Fallout 76. Year 2 will begin with the free "Wastelanders" DLC this fall, as well as adding human NPCs, and a battle royale mode called Nuclear Winter. This was followed by an appearance from Tango Gameworks' Shinji Mikami, who was there to introduce their new title Ghostwire: Tokyo.

We had a brief gap to highlight the Bethesda gaming community before moving on to The Elder Scrolls Online. As well as celebrating the launch of "Elsweyr" with a new trailer, the team announced a dungeon DLC called "Scalebreaker". We then saw a couple of mobile games before we saw a new trailer for RAGE 2, announcing new features for the game that are due to be released this week.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood got a brand new trailer, before Arkane Studios hit the stage to announce their new title, Deathloop. Finally, we got a glimpse of DOOM Eternal, with an extended gameplay demo, a release date, a new Battlemode multiplayer mode, and a Collector's Edition.

Stay tuned to TA for more information on those announcements later on today. For now, you can watch the show and let us know what you think in the comments below.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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