Phil Spencer Confirms That Project Scarlett Will Still Have a Disc Drive

By Lucy Wood, 4 months ago
Xbox head Phil Spencer, in an interview with, has confirmed that the upcoming Project Scarlett console will have a disc drive. This news will be welcomed by bricks and mortar games retailers and bargain hunters alike, sustaining the used Xbox games market for a few more years at least.

Xbox Project Scarlett

"I want to give people choice, and right now physical is a choice that millions of people love."
Despite the growth of the digital games market, Microsoft recognises that many players still prefer physical editions of games and is committed to accommodating that preference in coming years. Microsoft is likely to release a digital-only Project Scarlett at some point to cater to players who have abandoned physical games. However, purchasers can expect Microsoft to continue the clear naming practices established with products like the Xbox One S All-Digital console.

Project Scarlett is scheduled for a Holiday 2020 launch.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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