Lost In Random and Rustheart Amongst New EA Originals Revealed at E3

By Rebecca Smith,
The EA PLAY streams may not have focused on any EA Originals titles this year, but that doesn't mean they didn't appear at the show. With the latest title Sea of Solitude set to be released next month on July 5th, three more EA Originals games have been revealed for the future: Lost In Random, Rustheart, and a brand new game from A Way Out developer Hazelight Studios.

Zoink Games' Lost In Random is their first EA Original title since the release of Fe early last year. While the game is described as a "fantasy action adventure" set in a dark but vivid world, as seen in the above images, the developer promises to add a twist to the genre by blending strategy and action based on chance and possibility. More details are promised soon.

On the contrary, Glowmade's Rustheart is a co-op action RPG. Set in an alien world, the player and their robot sidekick get to explore the world and take down enemies using "tactical action-roleplay gameplay". Somewhere along the lines, there will also be spray paint and the chance to invent things.

Finally, there are few details about Hazelight's new title, apart from it's a completely new game that's once again based around co-op play. All three games are due to come to unspecified consoles, and you can take a look at very brief footage from some of them as their development teams, as well as Sea of Solitude developer Jo-Mei Games, as they explain how their small teams approach their games.

As soon as we hear more information on any of the above titles, we'll be sure to let you know.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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