Rainbow Six Quarantine Announced for 2020

By Brandon Fusco,
The next entry in the long-running Rainbow Six series has been announced, Rainbow Six Quarantine.

Not much about the new game was revealed, but we do know that it will be a three-player co-op game. Quarantine will use mechanics and characters that will be familiar to fans of Rainbow Six Seige while throwing all of that into a new setting and scenario.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is set for release in 2020. Be sure to keep up with all the latest from E3 by following our E3 Hub.

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Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
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  • KodingKoding884,783
    Posted on 10 June 19 at 22:52Permalink
    Going to keep my eye on this one. It looks interesting.
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  • keoskeykeoskey1,078,893
    Posted on 10 June 19 at 23:04Permalink
  • Posted on 10 June 19 at 23:11, Edited on 18 June 19 at 22:09 by MetalGearMarkPermalink
    As interesting as it looks, I'm not so sure that Tom Clancy would be happy about having his name stuck on something like this.
  • MercadoMercado210,987
    Posted on 10 June 19 at 23:12Permalink
    Rainbow Six: Siege - Outbreak full game
  • TrujewTrujew235,863
    Posted on 10 June 19 at 23:29Permalink
    It's a shame what Ubi has done to this franchise since Raven Shield

  • ElyohElyoh738,040
    Posted on 11 June 19 at 00:50Permalink
    Not sure what to think of this. Was hoping we were getting over the whole Zombie thing...
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  • Facial La FleurFacial La Fleur1,016,063
    Posted on 11 June 19 at 00:54Permalink
    I have no doubt it will be interesting, but it should have been a new IP.
  • Posted on 11 June 19 at 03:20Permalink
    This looks neat. I know one of my friends will be stoked since he'll have a reason to get me to play another Rainbow game.
  • EmiinahEmiinah46,373
    Posted on 11 June 19 at 05:29Permalink
    I don’t know why I’m saying this because I don’t prefer horror games, but I hope it’s more of an alien invasion rather than zombie outbreak. I think in recent years zombies have been done to death (almost).
    Or, maybe they’re zombie aliens? shock
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  • SweetArkhaneSweetArkhane572,413
    Posted on 11 June 19 at 08:05Permalink
    Mercado said:
    Rainbow Six: Siege - Outbreak full game
  • StabaCadaverStabaCadaver237,984
    Posted on 11 June 19 at 08:57Permalink
    Learned from the past. No reason to get excited for R6 these days.

    The last time R6 delivered was over a decade ago.
  • Goggs25Goggs251,098,880
    Posted on 11 June 19 at 09:33Permalink
    No interested its not a tom Clancy game unless it has a single player campaign
  • Posted on 11 June 19 at 12:19Permalink
    I'll pass! I am so sick of zombies! I just want to kill terrorists. Is that too much to ask Ubisoft? Give us single player too! I would like to have a good story!
  • MungBardMungBard279,731
    Posted on 11 June 19 at 16:36Permalink
    Why? First R6 game I'll be skipping...
  • Posted on 12 June 19 at 07:24Permalink
    I honestly can't see myself paying anymore than $20 for this game.
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