Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight Begins Today

By Rebecca Smith, 7 days ago
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege will turn four later this year. As such, the first season of Year 4, Operation Burnt Horizon, has drawn to a close and a new season, Operation Phantom Sight, begins today. The season adds two new Operators, Warden and Nøkk, as well as a newly reworked version of the Kafe Dostoyevsky map, new skins, and plenty of gameplay improvements.

Attacker Nøkk is a stealthy Operator who comes with a HEL Presence Reduction gadget. This means observation tools such as drones, bulletproof cameras, and Evil Eyes are unable to detect her, and her footsteps are silenced. Meanwhile, Defender Warden has Glance Smart Glasses that annul the effects of flash bangs and give him visibility through smoke as long as he remains still. You can check out their loadouts on the official website. The Operators are available now for Year 4 Pass owners, but all other players will have to wait until June 18th when they can buy them with Renown or R6 Credits.

Kafe Dostoyevsky has been revamped for the new season. From the outside, it appears the only difference is a few windows that can no longer be smashed, but the inside is dramatically different. The majority of the first floor has been redesigned, with the North entrance now looking like a high-end restaurant lobby. Two new bomb sites are found on the second floor in the Fireplace Hall and Reading Room, while the stairs from the main entrance have been moved. The east part of the third floor has been rearranged to add a balcony to the Cocktail Lounge and the cigar shop. Finally, the southeast corner staircase has a barrier.

The Lesion Elite Set includes the Lesion prototype Elite skin with cutting edge technology. There's also a trio of Phantom weapon skins: Destroyer, Secret Star, and Strike Force. Later on in the season, there will be the Nano-Tox 32 uniform, victory animation, gadget skin for Lesion's GU Mines, the Elite Lesion Chibi charm, and weapon skins for his SIX12 SD, T-5 SMG and Q-929 added to the game.

Amongst the many gameplay improvements to be added is a refined Reverse Friendly Fire system, changes to Ranked Playlists, a new Rainbow Six shopfront, Operator balancing, and a decrease in the price of some of the Operators. You can find information on all of the changes and bug fixes in the full patch notes.

Operation Phantom Sight is available now.

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