Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Story Creator Mode Available Now

By Rebecca Smith, 7 days ago
If the plethora of post-release content for Assassin's Creed Odyssey wasn't enough for you and you're still looking for ways to get more out of the game, Ubisoft's E3 pre-show announcement will definitely be of interest. Players can now use the Story Creator Mode to build their own quests before sharing them with other players.

Story Creator Mode is a web-based tool that lets players design "narrative-driven" quests. After choosing one of six different quest objectives, such as assassination, rescue, or visiting a set location, players can then create their own dialogue, paths, and even new roles for the game's existing characters. Once those quests are created, they can then be shared and downloaded on any platform, regardless of the platform used by the creator. for example, even if the creator is using a PlayStation 4, Xbox One players can still download their quests.

If this sounds confusing, Ubisoft has released a tutorial video as Ellie and Thierry walk players through creating a basic story:

Later on in the year, Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece will be released as a free update. Players will be able to explore the world without having to worry about the normal gameplay constraints. Across the world there will be 300 stations that give players a guided tour that covers topics like philosophy, war, daily life, mythology, and architecture. There will also be interactive quizzes at the end of each tour.

Discovery Tour will be released this fall. Meanwhile, Story Creator Mode is available in beta right now.

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Rebecca Smith
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