Xbox Live and Achievements Adoption Not Required For All Game Pass PC Developers

By Sam Quirke, 1 month ago
Those of you who have picked up the new subscription have probably noticed that not all of the Xbox Game Pass for PC games have Xbox Live support, which means that a fair few of them don't have achievement support either. It turns out that was part of the deal in securing so many publishers, and it'll be "a bit of time" before we see that support roll out across the board. That's according to Mike Ybarra, replying to a couple of politely disgruntled achievement hunters on Twitter.

It seems like in order to get some big hitters from PC interested in Game Pass — which, remember, is a profoundly different income model compared to how they usually sell their games — it was necessary to make things as easy as possible. Clearly some companies were interested in converting their Steam achievements over to the Xbox model, but others were not. Ybarra makes some allusions to this being a long-term goal, but it certainly doesn't sound like there's a specific plan to get every game on the subscription integrated into Xbox Live with achievement support.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

There are certainly some snags we can imagine are in the way. Most importantly, there's the fact that purchasing via the Microsoft Store is absolutely not the most popular method of purchasing PC games. So if any of these Game Pass for PC titles cycle out of the Pass, how many people will actually purchase the Microsoft Store version of a third party product to keep — especially when Steam offers most of these games with their own achievement support, frequently at a deep discount? Game Pass for PC, and Microsoft Store purchases in general, will likely have to prove their worth as a market contender before Microsoft is in any position to make Xbox Live integration a requirement.

As a reminder, here's everything in Xbox Game Pass for PC. Games with a hyperlink have achievement support, clicking that will take you to the achievement stats and any guides and walkthroughs keen community members have already submitted. Games in italics are in the Pass but do not have achievement support as of this writing — even though some of them have already released on an Xbox console with achievements (for example, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and The Surge). You can also check out the full list of games with achievement support here.

My personal biggest disappointments are Into the Breach and Opus Magnum, both excellent strategy games that aren't currently available on Xbox. While we can't really take Mike Ybarra's vague reply as any sort of confirmation of the plan ahead, we've certainly all got our fingers crossed that some of these games will get achievement support in the future.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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