Enter the Damned City in Search of Treasure and Mayhem in Contra: Rogue Corps

By Brandon Fusco,
Piggybacking off the release of Contra Anniversary Collection, Konami announced a new installment in the venerated action-platformer series: Contra: Rogue Corps.

This new entry mixes up the formula by bringing its multi-player gameplay to a twin sticks, third-person action game. You and up to three friends can take on the hordes of alien enemies infesting the Damned City while you search for bounties and treasure. Each of the four characters has their own powers and personalities to bring to the table. There's Kaiser, an injured soldier rebuilt with an arm that turns into a drill; there's Ms. Harakiri, a stealthy assassin who fused with an alien entity; Hungry Beast, a giant cyborg panda with the brain of a human scientist; and Gentleman, a Brain Bug raised as a very polite human.

You'll be able to further customize these four characters in the Operations Room. Here, you'll be able to augment each character's body with better organs and cybernetics to power them up. After doing so, you'll be able to take them through the PvE Campaign with up to three other players, or create custom private PvP team matches for you and up to seven friends.

Contra: Rogue Corps is currently available for pre-order for $39.99/£39.99 and will come to Xbox on September 26th. The limited Day One Edition will come with two in-game T-Shirts for Hungry Beast. Both the Day One and Standard Editions will come with a reversible cover from legendary illustrator Tom DuBois.
Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
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