Unlock a Special Weapon with the Void Bastards Foon Challenge

By Rebecca Smith,
Void Bastards only hit Xbox One at the end of May, but if you're one of the six people who have already finished the game, the latest challenge from the developer may be of interest to you. If you complete it, you'll get a brand new game modifier that allows players to use just a single weapon: the foon.

To start the challenge, you need to set the game to Hard Bastard difficulty and turn on Ironman mode. If you can then get through the game on these settings, you'll unlock the Foon game modifier. If you start the game again with the Foon restriction activated, you'll have no devices available and just a single weapon at your disposable. No, it's not a gun with amazing firepower or special fire modes, it's a piece of cutlery:

The Foon challenge is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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