Red Dead Online Update Offers Two More Care Packages

By Rebecca Smith, 6 days ago
Rockstar never goes to E3, preferring to reveal their games in their own time. To mark the occasion, Red Dead Redemption 2 players can get their hands on two new Care Packages. That isn't all the team added this week, though, as there's also a new Showdown Mode, new clothing, and bonus cash and gold opportunities.

Sport of Kings

The first Care Package is available to players who have reached Rank 10, or who reach this level over the next couple of weeks. The Care Package includes 20 Small Game Arrows, 20 Fire Arrows, 20 Poison Arrows, five lots of Predator Bait, and five lots of Herbivore Bait. As well as this Care Package, players who have reached Rank 20 can access a second free Package. This one includes a lot more free gifts:

  • 3x Minty Big Game Meat
  • 3x Oregano Big Game Meat
  • 3x Thyme Big Game Meat
  • 10x Baked Beans
  • 10x Corned Beef
  • 10x Canned Salmon
  • 5x Jolly Jack's
  • 5x Cocaine Gum
  • 5x Moonshine
  • 5x Gin
  • 5x Guarma Rum
  • 5x Fine Brandy
The care packages can be retrieved from your Camp Lockbox or Post Office. If you haven't yet reached these ranks, Rockstar has triggered a 30% XP Boost on all activities so you can get their quicker.

Sport of Kings

The new Showdown Mode, Sport of Kings, sees two teams of players battling over a flaming torch. On horseback, players must fight to secure the torch before riding through all of the signal fires. You'll get the use of Sawed-off Shotguns for short range combat, and single shot Dynamite Bow pickups are spread around the map for long range takedowns.

Finally, three new items of clothing have been added to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue: the Strung Sombrero, Gibbston Pants, and Chuparosa Poncho.

The update is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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