Dying Light 2 Interviews Break Down the New E3 Trailer

By Lucy Wood,
A pair of short interviews look at the new E3 trailer for Dying Light 2 from the perspectives of the development team and a fan of the franchise.

In the first video Lead Designer Tymon Smektala discusses the 2019 E3 trailer featuring the new hero Aiden Caldwell, who comes to The City in search of a cure for his infection. Player choices will shape The City and can even wipe out a whole area, making its NPCs and quests inaccessible. This means a player joining their friend's world may experience a very different City to their own. One environmental constant is that every inch of The City is designed to be played with, from climbable buildings to objects which can be grappled. New moves allow players to combine parkour and combat, such as grabbing a zombie then using it to break a fall off a building.

The next video features Colossal Kiwi, a Youtuber and Dying Light megafan, who thinks that the human vs. human combat is much better than in the original game.

Dying Light 2 is due to launch in Spring 2020.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Dying Light 2 achievements.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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