Phil Spencer Talks About Project Scarlett and Backward Compatibility

By Rebecca Smith, 4 months ago
Phil Spencer spent a lot of time onstage during Microsoft's Xbox E3 2019 briefing, talking about everything from Project Scarlett and Project xCloud to new Japanese studio collaborations. During this week's episode of Inside Xbox, the Head of Xbox recapped key points from the presentation, as well as providing more details on Project Scarlett backward compatibility, console streaming, and Project xCloud.

The team is making sure that Project Scarlett is compatible with all generations of Xbox games, and Xbox accessories will also be carried over. Any games that players have bought digitally over the years can be played on Project Scarlett, and they'll look and play the best on that console. As you may expect, Xbox Live and Gamertags will continue onwards so you'll keep your years of progress, purchases, and current subscriptions too.

In terms of Project xCloud, Microsoft is focusing on playing games on a mobile phone. To do this, they're putting Xbox One consoles in their data centres, as well as allowing players to set up their own consoles as Project xCloud servers. There will be no charge for doing this, and players will be able to give the streaming service a go this October when it enters the preview stage.

Will you be trying Project xCloud?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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