Torchlight 2 is Coming to Consoles in September

By Kevin Tavore,
While the original Torchlight is available on console, it's a series that never quite made it as big on Xbox as it did on PC. Its sequel was critically acclaimed and the game is heralded by many as a true successor to the Diablo crown — tall praise indeed. Luckily, Perfect World Entertainment has used the E3 hubbub to make an exciting announcement: Torchlight II is coming to consoles.

It's got bright and exciting visuals. It's got humor. It's got pets. It's got cool spells and weapons. Most importantly, it's got tons of enemies for you to viciously murder with your friends. Who would want hack and slash any other way? The game's been out for a while on PC, so console players will be happy to hear that all of that game's main and DLC content will be making its way over in the port. Better still, it's said some exclusive pets will be included as well.

Diablo has translated well to consoles, and the developers assure us that they've made the appropriate changes to the port to ensure it plays just as well with a controller as it does with a mouse. You can jump in on September 3rd.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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