Olorun Takes to the Throne in SMITE's Next Update

By Rebecca Smith,
SMITE's next update, Ruler of the Heavens, will introduce a new God. Olorun is not a god of a specific element or thing; instead he's a supreme god who is a symbol of divinity and creation. He's also the winner of the Battle for Olympus, so he's the perfect leader. The game's latest trailer introduces us to the new God ahead of his general release on consoles.

The God has been inspired by West African culture, more specifically the Yoruba mythology. Their deities are intermediaries between humans and supernatural forces. While they usually oversee a certain domain, Olorun is the creator of all things. He has some special features as a result:

  • New Pantheon: Yoruba
  • The first Mage in SMITE who’s basic attacks can Critically Hit
  • A charge up ability that increases in range as it charges
  • A new type of stim that charges up an ability that can be refired with the same key, and can be charged over multiple uses of the effect
  • A Mage Carry that can heal allies
  • A true “time dilation” field, with extremely interesting interactions across the entire game
  • Intuitive changes to each of his abilities that occur when he is inside his ultimate area
You can find more details on the god, and Hi-Rez's design decisions, in the official blog Olorun is available now on the PC public test server, and we'll let you know when he arrives on console.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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