Operation: Plague Star Returns to Warframe

By Rebecca Smith,
Players have to wait until July 7th to learn more about the upcoming Empyrean expansion in Warframe. If the anticipation is killing you and you need distracting until then, the return of the Operation: Plague Star event may be just what you need. The Plague Star has returned to the Plains of Eidolon, but the infested boil is far more putrid than it ever was before. It's up to you, Tenno, to save the Plains once again.

Operation Plague Star

There are reports of Infested lifeforms emerging from the boil at the meteorite crash site, and if they reach Cetus it will be a disaster. Konzu's Plague Star Bounty is just what you need. Once you've found him in Cetus, you'll need to get hold of the toxin that will destroy the boil. The problem is the toxin is in the possession of Vay Hek, and he's not going to let you have it because he wants to use it to destroy Cetus and the Ostron colony instead. This means you need to steal it.

The event starts with medium level enemies, but if you want to increase the difficulty, you can buy the Eidolon Phylaxis from Nakak and mix it into the toxin you'll be using to destroy the boil. To get items from Nakak, you'll need Operational Supply Standing that you can get by completing Bounty Missions. Other items he'll sell include:

  • Ether Daggers - Dual melee weapon that allows for a more focused attack on a single target
  • Event Emblem - Show off your event participation with this meteor-themed Emblem
  • Mods - Mod rewards include the Fulmination Mod and the Sacrifice Mod
  • Infested Zaw Components - Modular pieces that can be used to create a gruesome Zaw
  • Snipetron - High-quality Corpus sniper rifle that was previously retired from the game
  • Infested Zaw Arcanes - New buffs to enhance your Zaw weapons
  • Eidolon Phylaxis - Equip to earn more Standing and increase event difficulty
As well as the rewards that can be purchased from Naka, players can get trophies and other rewards by working together in a clan too. You can find more details on those here.

Operation: Plague Star is running until June 26th, so if there are rewards you still want to earn for taking on the Infested, now's the time.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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