Overwatch Baptiste Reunion Challenge Event is Coming Soon

By Rebecca Smith, 1 month ago
Overwatch's Baptiste recently got his own short story, titled What You Left Behind. The story explores his background and homeland in Haiti, but if that's not enough character background for you, the game's next event will be tied into the short story. The Baptiste Reunion Challenge event will give players a chance to earn an Epic skin for Baptiste by winning nine Overwatch matches across any mode. As you get there, you'll be unlocking other rewards too.

The event will be accompanied by the game's next big patch, which will include lots of features like the new Replays system. Replays allows players to view their last ten matches through a variety of spectator tools, giving players the chance to see what they did wrong and improve their skills. There's also the opportunity to use the footage to create even better videos. Replays won't hang around forever, so if there's a particular match you really want to keep, you'll need to export the footage elsewhere.

The latest developer update from Game Director Jeff Kaplan gives all the details for the upcoming update:

Neither the Baptiste Reunion Challenge event or the game update have release dates, although we know they're coming soon. We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything more.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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