ARK: Survival Evolved Free Valguero Expansion Arrives in July

By Rebecca Smith, 2 months ago
ARK: Survival Evolved will soon be getting a brand new expansion in the form of a 63km2 map. Valguero is home to a variety of biomes with lots of different landscape features to explore, as well as a brand new dinosaur and more boss battles. The best bit is that it will be released for free.

The large area of Valguero covers land and sea. Its eight different biomes offer a variety of environments and landmarks to explore, as well as plenty of dangers. The haunting Skeleton Gorge welcomes only the most intrepid hunters, while those wanting to admire the view can climb to the top of Twin Peaks. There's a whole network of caves to explore, including the Aberration Trench, and those searching for the history of a lost Valguero civilisation can investigate the ruins of the Lost Temple.

Of course, it wouldn't be ARK if there weren't creatures to tame and overcome. There's a new Triple Threat Boss Challenge where players take on a Megapithecus, Manticore, and Dragon, as if taking on just one of those wasn't hard enough already. There's also a brand new dinosaur. The Deinonychus is quick and agile, able to leap from ledge to ledge to set an ambush for its prey. Despite its small size, it can latch onto the back of larger prey, allowing it to eat its target while it's still alive.

The Valguero expansion map is available from today on Steam, but Xbox One players will have to wait until July to get their hands on the new content.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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