Neverwinter: Undermountain Now Available on Xbox One

By Rebecca Smith,
Neverwinter's Undermountain expansion was originally scheduled to release on June 11th. A week later than planned, the game's largest expansion ever is now available for download on Xbox One, bringing a new campaign and a new Expedition feature, as well as making changes to classes, rewards, the companions system, and endgame challenges.

Undermountain lets players access five new Adventure Zones through the Yawning Portal hub. Once there, they'll meet tavern proprietor Durnan and Chultan priest Obaya Uday who will guide them through the new story campaign and Expeditions. Other new features include an increased level cap, a new Endgame Dungeon, and updates to the Class Powers, Feats, Boons system, and loot drops. If you really want to dive deep into the details of all of these new features, check out the developer hub. For the finer nitty-gritty details of today's game update, check out the full patch notes.

If you want to see the new content in action, TA will be streaming our ventures through Neverwinter: Undermountain. Make sure to tune into Mixer tomorrow at 4PM BST where we'll also be giving away some Neverwinter goodies.

To celebrate the launch of Undermountain, Cryptic Studios is giving away a free limited time Undermountaineer’s Pack. The pack includes the rare Myconid Companion, the "Undermountaineer" in-game title, and Construct’s Marked Cloak (transmute cloak). You can download the pack from the Free section of the Zen market until 10AM PT on June 24th. The developer has also started a sale on Keys and the Trade Bar Store. The Trade Bar Store is offering a 20% discount on all its wares, so if there are fashions and dyes you want to purchase, now's the time. Meanwhile, Enchanted Keys are discounted by 40%, giving you a chance to open the Lockbox of the Mad Mage and acquire the Hellfire Engine Mount at a lower price. The sale runs until 10AM PT on June 24th too.

In just a couple of days on June 20th, the game will also be celebrating its sixth anniversary with The Protector's Jubilee. Throughout the event, players will receive free in-game items, and be able to take part in events like Elminster’s Messages, Protector’s Speech Skirmish, and Merchant Escort Missions. Taking part in the activities will earn you Figurines and Renown that can be redeemed for Thrones, mounts, and other fashion items that will only be available during the event period. The event will end on June 27th.

We've got the full list of Neverwinter achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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