Overwatch's Baptiste's Reunion Challenge is Now Live

By Rebecca Smith, 1 month ago
Revealed yesterday, Overwatch's Baptiste's Reunion Challenge is now live. The limited-time event follows on from the What You Left Behind short story that explored Baptiste's background and homeland in Haiti, and gives players a chance to earn ten new Baptiste-themed rewards through watching and playing the game, although there are no new achievements to earn.

Baptiste's Reunion Challenge

Players will get rewards for winning matches. Win three matches in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade and you'll get a Player Icon. You'll get two sprays if you win six matches, while the ultimate reward is the epic Battle Medic Baptiste Skin for winning nine matches. You'll get more rewards if you watch Twitch streamers too. You'll get one Baptiste's Reunion Challenge spray for watching two hours of streaming, two more sprays for watching four hours of streaming, and the final three sprays for watching six hours. Take a look at the Twitch Schedule for a list of participating streamers, and you can get a glimpse of all of these rewards in the trailer below.

The event is accompanied by a patch that adds the awaited Replays function. Replays allows players to view their last ten matches at almost any angle, giving players a full range of spectator tools to allow them to see what they did wrong and improve their skills. These replays will be reset with every new game patch, so if there are any matches you want to keep forever, you'll need to export the footage elsewhere. To see a full list of changes included in the patch, check out the patch notes.

Baptiste's Reunion Challenge is live now and will run until July 1st, so if you want to get your hands on those rewards, make sure to start playing and watching soon.

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