Gunner Specialisation Added to The Division 2 in Latest Patch

By Rebecca Smith, 1 month ago
Since Tom Clancy's The Division 2 launched in March, players have been able to choose from three Specialisations: Sharpshooter, Survivalist, and Demolitionist. With this week's update, players now have another choice. The Gunner Specialisation fulfils the vanguard role within your squad and comes with a minigun signature weapon, riot foam grenades, P320 Compact handgun, and Banshee pulse skill mod.

Those who own the Year One Pass will instantly unlock the Specialisation. Those who don't own the pass will have to work for it instead, completing five stages of Special Field Research challenges. The Special Field Research can still be completed by Year One Pass owners, but they'll receive "unique cosmetic rewards" in addition to the Specialisation.

The patch also includes changes to existing specialisations, clans, skills, and the Dark Zone, amongst others. You can see a list of all of the additions and bug fixes in the full patch notes. The patch is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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