Prop Hunt Arrives in Fortnite as Part of v9.30

By Rebecca Smith, 27 days ago
Fortnite's weekly update has arrived, bringing a new item to Battle Royale, and heroes and a game mode for Save the World. However, if you're into Creative mode, you'll be more interested in the Prop-o-Matic functionality, meaning players can create their own Prop Hunt modes. If you've ever wanted to be a plastic flamingo, a broken down tractor, or a toilet cistern, you'll want to try out StrayKite's Prop Hunt mode through Creative code 6069-9263-9110:

The Prop-o-Matic allows players to change into a prop of your choice, as long as it's nearby. As an object, you can taunt players by whistling and lock their location to blend in properly. However, you can't stay as a prop forever because they emit a ping sound effect after a while. As well as the Prop-o-Matic functionality, there are two new islands (The Wasteland and Caldera Island) and new settings for light and fog.

Chug Splash has been added to Battle Royale. Players throw the item and it releases liquid within a small splash radius. Those within the radius instantly get 20 Health if they're not at full health, or 20 Shield if they are at full health. The item can heal allies and enemies, so be careful where you use it. Meanwhile, the Boom Bow, Dual Pistols, and Dynamite have been vaulted.

The Chrome Commandos Blockbuster Soldiers return to Save The World, and there's a new Storm Shield Defense (SSD) mission: Endurance. To unlock the mission, players need to complete all of the SSD missions in any zone. Players will then face 30 waves of enemies with the occasional Wargames simulation too. Difficulty varies depending on zone, with Stonewood being the easiest and Twine Peaks being the most difficult. Those who complete the challenge will win four unique Endurance banners and a Legendary Troll Stash Llama. You'll also get Gold, RE-PERK!, and PERK-UP! for progressing through the waves.

Patch v3.90 is available now and you can see a full list of all of the patch notes here.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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