Grab These 19 Quick and Easy Games Before The Sale Ends Tomorrow

By Sam Quirke,
There are plenty of interesting games in the Xbox One sale and Xbox 360 sale this week, and among them are some pretty easy and/or quick completions. Some of the easy ones aren't bad games, either! Here's a list of the quickest games according to our community ratings, followed by some of our own recommendations.

The Gardens Between

Quickest Xbox Game Completions from the latest Sales

Game Completion Time Average Discount Store Links
NORTH 0-1 hour 70% View
Planet RIX-13 0-1 hour 30% View
Asemblance Collection: Asemblance and Asemblance: Oversight 0-1 hour 25% View
The Station 0-1 hour 50% View
Sonic the FightersBackwards compatible 0-1 hour 50% View
Echoes of the Fey: The Fox's Trail *** 1-2 hours 60% View
Samsara 1-2 hours 50% View
AER - Memories of Old 1-2 hours 60% View
The Gardens Between 1-2 hours 70% View
Maize 1-2 hours 75% View
My Brother Rabbit 2-3 hours 50% View
Bulb Boy 2-3 hours 70% View
The Town of Light 3-4 hours 70% View
AWAY: Journey To The Unexpected 4-5 hours 40% View
Trüberbrook 5-6 hours 25% View
Nevermind 5-6 hours 75% View
***Echoes of the Fey is not available in the UK, EU or AU. It's available in the US.

Which Easy Gamerscore Games Are Actually Worth Playing?

Great question! As is often the case, fans of narrative adventures are going to have the best time with this week's quick achievement lists. The Gardens Between is genuinely excellent as well as being simple enough to complete. Truberbrook isn't the paciest adventure out there, but its analogue animation style is genuinely enthralling and makes the achievement hunt pretty to look at. Nevermind and The Town of Light are both a reasonably interesting adventures that tackle some heavy aspects of mental health. Fans of Artifex Mundi hidden-object puzzling might want to check out My Brother Rabbit – it's a slight aesthetic detour for the publisher, but it's similar in its gameplay. There's also AER, which is more of an aerial sandbox platformer than a narrative adventure, but it has an interesting if vague story attached to it.

Beyond thoughtful narrative adventuring, there's a couple of other options that aren't too terrible. Sonic Fighters is a totally mindless fighting game, but it's fun enough for the handful of minutes it'll take you to complete. Finally, there's Maize. It might be one of the dumbest first person adventures on the market, but it's playable — and if you like to laugh at really dumb things, as I do, it stays mindlessly amusing enough to get in and get out with your 1000 gamerscore. (It's worth noting that some have had trouble unlocking the speed-run achievement. Thanks to True Marvellous for pointing this out.)

You can view the full list of the games discounted in the latest Xbox sale here.

Will you be picking up any of these titles for a quick Gamerscore boost, or do you have other recommendations for your fellow community members? Let us know in the comments!
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