Destiny 2 Makes Eververse Changes in September

By Rebecca Smith, 28 days ago
The next chapter in the life of Destiny 2 is due to begin in September when the Shadowkeep expansion is released, and the base game turns into a free-to-play model. At the same time, the game will get a major update that will make changes to several aspects of the game. One of those is the Eververse, and Bungie has now detailed some of the changes players can expect to see, as well as some preparations they may wish to make.

Eververse changes

Bungie has always wanted players to work for the best perks that were available to put on armour. However, armour purchased from the Eververse always came with pre-installed perks. This will no longer be the case in September. When the update arrives, all Eververse armour will be changed to a Universal Ornament that can be applied to any of the Legendary armour sets the team will be releasing in the fall. This means they change the appearance of the armour without changing any of its mods, perks, or stats. Any Eververse armour you already own will also be unlocked as a Universal Ornament at the same time. The example they gave was that the 2018 Festival of the Lost Helmet could be applied to any of the new Legendary armour.

Bright Dust will also be changed from currency to a reward. No longer will you need to convert engrams into shards to create Dust, or even purchase it from the store. Instead, players will get Dust as a reward for completing bounties in Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit. Once all bounties are completed, there will be "an additional avenue" to continue collecting dust, although they didn't detail this. Finally, shaders, Ghost Shells, and similar content will no longer cost players Bright Dust to equip them — they'll cost Glimmer and Legendary Shards instead.

This means Eververse items will no longer be converted into Dust once the update arrives. Players will instead get Legendary Shards and Glitter for any dismantled Eververse items. As a result, Bungie recommends that if there are any Eververse items you don't use at the moment, whether they're armour, Sparrows, shaders, Ghost Shells, or transmat effects, that you dismantle them before the update is released to create a big stockpile of Dust.

The update will release alongside Shadowkeep on September 17th, so you have until then to sort out your Collection.

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