Star Wars Battlefront II Calls for Droideka Reinforcements

By Rebecca Smith,
Star Wars Battlefront II's June update arrives on Wednesday, and DICE's new trailer has given players a glimpse of some of the game's additions. Droidekas will literally be rolled out onto the battlefront, while Galactic Republic forces can call for reinforcements with the new TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tanks. Capital Supremacy players may notice Capital ships appearing in the skies above Naboo. There will also be new appearances for the Clone army and Anakin Skywalker.

Droidekas are a Separatist reinforcement that come armed with heavy high-rate twin blasters and a protective shield, although the latter comes at the expense of firepower and mobility when in use. The droideka is slow when moving on three legs, but it can roll into a ball to move more rapidly to a new position. Meanwhile, the TX-130 can fire rockets individually from both sides, or fire from both sides at once for a heavier attack. Anakin Skywalker will get a new General Skywalker appearance based on the early days of the Clone Wars. The 212th Recon Division and 41st Scout Battalion will be new appearances for the Clone army.

Everything included in this month's update will arrive on June 26th. The video also gave a glimpse of future content arriving after June's update, including a new planet and new ways to play the game, but we don't know when that content will be arriving.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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