LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity Achievement List.

There are 33 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Gramps Unlock the Brake upgrade. 10
Angel of Death Die 100 times! 50
Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge! Survive your first asteroid field. 10
Orbit Enter orbit 100 times! 25
Wrapper Screen wrap 250 times! 25
Peppy Do 100 barrel rolls! 25
This is Why We're Here! Collect 1,000 Obtainium. 25
Shake it Off! Shake off 1 Grub. 25
Reflector Hit 200 pulsars. 25
It's Full of Stars! Explore the stars! 25
Full Throttle MEGA Boost for a long, long time... 25
Mk. 5 Tinkerer Upgrade 5 pieces of equipment. 25
No Fate! Complete the campaign. 50
Lead Foot Beat the original campaign in under 3 hours. 25
Be Like Water Beat 20 levels without dying. 25
We're all Going to Die, Lis. Give up... 10
No! Monica! Don't be a sore loser... 25
Smoke Him! Win the race! 50
A. Null Probed Make a friend. 10
Shiny! Find a working ship. 10
Eat the world, Chico! The hunger madness... 10
We're Saved! Find the Com-Relay. 10
Like a Boss! Max out all upgrades. 50
Fear and Loathing Suffer a nervous breakdown. 10
Time Trial Compete in time trials. 25
I Love Gold! Get at least a Gold rank in each level. (Campaign and Epilogue) 100
Star Child Get Platinum rank in 15 levels. (Campaing or Epliogue) 150
Hipster Enable Indie Cred Mode. 25
Family Matters Complete the Epilogue 50
Rock Star Rock out! 10
Grinder Hit the rails! 10
And they call it a mine! Death by mine 25
Space Pirate Die by the hand of a pirate! 25
Stranded after his ship is destroyed in deep space, Harrison, a lowly maintenance worker and our hero, must struggle to find his way home...
LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity is developed and published by PixelNAUTS Games.
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