Battlefield V Update Prepares for Chapter 4: Defying the Odds

By Rebecca Smith,
Battlefield V Chapter 4: Defying The Odds will begin with the release of Al Sudan, a 64-player map that is based on the "Under No Flag" war story and takes players into the North African desert. While testing the map last week, the team unfortunately found it had crashing issues in Conquest mode so they've delayed it for this mode. However, the map will be arriving for Team Deathmatch and Squad Conquest on Thursday. To prepare for its release, the team has released Chapter 4: Update #1 today.

Chapter 4 Defying The Odds

As well as preparations for the new map, the update makes changes to several other maps. First, the Firestorm map has a new area. In the southwest mountains, the Excavation Site has now acquired a dome-like structure. Machinery and materials are transported to this site in large quantities, but what they're building remains a mystery.

Several Team Deathmatch maps have received adjustments to their layouts. Aerodrome has a new layout that focuses on the hangar so players don't wander around as much. Devastation has been reduced in size to bring an emphasis on close-quarters combat at the run-down mall. Fjell 652 now focuses on the village, while Narvik no longer has the southern part of the map.

Frontlines mode also received some improvements. The game mode timer will no longer pause as the objective shifts, objective capture times have been increased, tank spawn locations have been adjusted, and the locked objective indicator is now intended to be more intuitive to new players.

The update also includes adjustments to other game modes, weapons, gadgets, vehicles, soldiers, and game stability. You can see a full list of changes in the patch notes. The patch did not include changes to the Squad Respawn and Loot System as originally promised, but all of the other changes are available now.

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Written by Rebecca Smith
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