Nuclear Winter Enters Beta in Today's Fallout 76 Patch

By Rebecca Smith, 22 days ago
After an incredibly successful pre-beta period, Fallout 76's Nuclear Winter mode was made a more permanent addition to the game. This week's update, patch 10.5, now upgrades the mode into the beta stage, making some design changes and bug fixes to help improve players' experience.

Nuclear Winter

Firstly, players can now mark one Underarmor as their favourite to use in Nuclear Winter, as well as a headwear item and an Outfit. In terms of weapons, Automatic Combat Rifles are now found in small supply crates, rather than pre-existing containers, and Submachine Guns have been upgraded to Medium Supply Crates. There were also some areas where Supply Crates were spawning more frequently than they should, and this has been adjusted.

New players can make use of the More Info button that's been added to the Nuclear Winter Perk Card menu and allows them to view the Perk Card tutorial again if there's something they don't understand. On the other hand, advanced players who have already reached Overseer Rank 100 can now find new entries on the ZAX Terminals. The other main change to the mode has been the redesign of the Dead Man Sprinting perk, which now means Action Points drain 25% slower when players are under 30% HP.

There were plenty of bug fixes made to the mode, as well as adjustments to the Adventure and Survival mode aspects of the game. You can find a list of those fixes in the full patch notes. Patch 10.5 is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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