Aftercharge Departs from Xbox Game Pass in July

By Sam Quirke, 26 days ago
Another game is heading out of the Xbox Game Pass games line-up in the not too distant future. Along with the six games leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of June, the unusual asymmetrical 3v3 shooter Aftercharge is slinking away in early July.


Is Aftercharge worth playing before it leaves Xbox Game Pass in July?

While Aftercharge drew a lot of interest from critics in the preview rounds, thanks to its unusual team-play aspects, the final result was apparently middling, with a Metacritic score below 70 and only a 2.4/5 from 166 of our own community members. The premise pitted three invisible robots against three invincible guards in a cat-and-mouse version of classic capture-the-point FPS mechanics. Sadly it seems that, like many attempts to innovate on the usual combat multiplayer, messing with the formula also messed with the pace and balance for many. It's also a little too bare to take the world by storm, with just a couple of maps and a single play mode.

Can I get all the achievements in Aftercharge before it leaves Xbox Game Pass?

It'll be tough, but it is possible to complete Aftercharge in 30-40 hours. Luckily, despite its multiplayer aspirations, you can play the whole game in single player against bots. The trouble will be grinding your way to level 30 for this achievement:

AfterchargeA True Aftercharge AgentThe A True Aftercharge Agent achievement in Aftercharge worth 389 pointsReach level 30

As Planting42 comprehensively explains in the above achievement guide, "the grind is real". There are workaround and best practices to make it quick, but the journey from level 20 to 30 alone is roughly 12 hours if idling — obviously there's opportunities to speed up the process if you actively participate in each round. In other words, if you're desperate to get everything done in Aftercharge before it leaves Xbox Game Pass, you need to get going straight away.

UPDATE: Thanks to several of our community members for highlighting that increased XP rewards, patched in by the developers, will make the grind quite a bit shorter.

Aftercharge is scheduled to leave Xbox Game Pass on Tuesday, July 9th. If you don't think you're going to be done with it before it leaves Game Pass, make the most of the 20% discount while the game is still included in the subscription. You can check out the Aftercharge prices page for more information and store links.

We've got the full list of Aftercharge achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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