Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery Now Available on Xbox One

By Rebecca Smith,
When Star Trek Online's Rise of Discovery update was released on PC in May, we predicted it would appear for consoles at the end of June. That prediction was correct, as the game's new update is now available for download on Xbox One, bringing new episodes, more characters, and a new Reputation.

Rise of Discovery takes players back to the first season of Star Trek: Discovery to explore the relationship between two of the U.S.S Discovery's crew members, Captain Gabriel Lorca and Commander Ellen Landry. In two new episodes that begin one month after the Battle at the Binary Stars, players beam aboard the U.S.S. Buran in response to a distress call. Following a Klingon ambush, Captain Lorca has crash landed on an ice moon above Priors World. It's up to Commander Landry and her crew to mount a rescue operation. There's also a new Tier 6 Reputation, Discovery Legends, that offers new Discovery themed rewards, and premium starships that scale to players' character level. For the finer nitty-gritty details of today's game update, check out the full patch notes.

If you want to see the new content in action, check out the launch trailer below. Alternatively, TA will be streaming our ventures through Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery later today. Make sure to tune into Mixer at 4PM BST where we'll also be giving away some goodies.

To celebrate the launch of Rise of Discovery, Cryptic Studios has started a sale on Keys and the Lobi Store. The Lobi Crystal Consortium is offering a 20% discount on all its wares, such as the Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser, Boolean Heavy Assault Cannon, and Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser. Meanwhile, Enchanted Keys are discounted by 15% and there is a new limited time bundle. The Key Ring Bundle offers 20 Master Keys for 2250 Zen, and any player who purchases this will get a single Ultimate Tech Upgrade that instantly maximises an item's Mark and Quality at no Dilithium cost. Both sales and the bundle run until 10AM PT on July 1st.

Once the sale is over, the 2019 Risian Lohlunat Festival will begin on July 2nd. Xbox Live Gold members can unlock free rewards, including a color-variant Tardigrade Combat Pet, a color-variant Assault Drone Vanity Pet, and three Master Keys. More information on this has been promised for the future, but for now you can find more details on the festival here.

We've got the full list of Star Trek Online achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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