It Will Soon be Easier to Find Games with Achievements in Xbox Game Pass for PC

By Rebecca Smith,
Xbox Game Pass for PC launched with more than 100 games earlier this month, but not all of those games are Xbox Live enabled. As Xbox Corporate Vice President, Mike Ybarra, stated in an earlier tweet, they wanted to make it easy for developers and publishers to include their games in the programme, but they didn't "expect developers to go update games just for this". Players have had difficulty telling whether a game has Xbox achievements or not, but very soon there will be a separate section for achievement-enabled games in the Game Pass section of the Xbox app.

Goat Simulator

According to a new tweet from Ybarra, the team is continuing to work with publishers to make sure all Xbox Game Pass for PC games will have Xbox Live support in the future. This, of course, means the inclusion of features like achievements, cross play, cross progression, Xbox Live friends, and leaderboards. Indeed, Goat Simulator will be released into the programme tomorrow complete with its existing Xbox Live support.

As soon as we hear anything more about the future of the programme, we'll be sure to let you know.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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