Droidekas Roll Into Star Wars Battlefront II Today

By Rebecca Smith,
Droidekas were apparently one of the most requested features for Star Wars Battlefront II. If that's true, there are many players who will be happy with today's update, which brings the Separatist army droids into battle, as well as the TX-130, a new location for Capital Supremacy, and new appearances. It might even be the reason why the patch is called the "Where Are The Droidekas?" update.


The Droidekas will be joining the Separatist army as reinforcements that come equipped with twin blasters and a personal protective shield. They can also relocate quickly, although this leaves them open to attack while doing so. Meanwhile, the Galactic Republic gets the services of the TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank. Its speed allows it to enter and exit a battlefield quickly, dealing a fair amount of damage with its rockets. However, its size makes it unsuitable for tight spaces.

Capital Supremacy has spread to a new location in this update. Naboo, the capital city of Theed, plays host to skirmishes at dusk where the setting sun casts shadows across the battlefield. Naboo isn't a stranger to conflict, and its streets already bear the scars of previous battles. It's those streets through which players will progress, giving Capital Supremacy its first taste of urban warfare.

Anakin Skywalker gets a new General Skywalker appearance based on his Clone Wars outfit of armored robes and gear. The appearance is available for either 1,000 crystals or 40,000 credits. Meanwhile, the Clone army gets two new appearances. The 212th Recon Division appearance includes the Phase 1 ARF armour and desert camouflage used during the Second Battle of Geonosis. This appearance is considered Rare and will cost either 500 crystals or 20,000 credits. The 41st Scout Battalion appearance is considered an Epic appearance. Their armour is more mobile and flexible as it was used primarily in jungle environments. The helmet even has a sunshield and wider visor to help with vision in the rain. This appearance will cost either 1,000 crystals or 40,000 credits.

There are the usual bug fixes and additions in the update too. To see a full list of these, check out the patch notes. The "Where Are The Droidekas?" update is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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