PUBG Xbox Update Introduces Weapon Mastery

By Rebecca Smith, 22 days ago
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Update #8 has arrived on Xbox One, bringing new features and plenty of improvements. There's a new Weapon mastery progression system and a new Auto Equip feature, as well as a new controller preset. Loot has also been rebalanced on Erangel and Vikendi. In the update's accompanying video the development team explains what they've been doing to improve the game for console players:

For this update, the Weapon Mastery system allows players to increase the level of a weapon by gaining weapon XP through damage, headshots, and "defeats", the latter of which is not losing a match. Instead, PUBG Corp uses defeats to describe actions like knockdowns, killing the final member of a team, or killing solo players. There are 100 levels for players to unlock for each weapon, and there are three types of rewards to be earned. The first, charms, are accessories that can be added to each weapon regardless of the skin used. Players will get a new charm for every five levels of mastery. The second reward type is medals. These can be earned multiple times and represent "awesome accomplishments". The third reward is tier emblems, and there are ten of these to earn per weapon.

The Auto Equip feature allows players to auto equip attachments and scopes, and replace attachments using new toggles within the game's menu. If the setting is turned on, scavenged attachments will be automatically equipped on the active weapon, and if that isn't possible, it will be attached to the next available weapon. It will only enter the inventory if it can't be added to any weapon at all. The Replace Attachments setting allows all compatible attachments to be transferred to a new weapon when it is replaced.

Scopes act slightly differently here. The Off setting means all scopes will go into inventory. On the other hand, the All setting means all scopes will be automatically equipped on compatible weapons. In the middle is the Sight Only setting. This setting means only the Red Dot, Hologram Sight, and Canted Sight attachments will be automatically equipped. All others will be stored in a player's inventory.

There's also a new controller preset option and there have been loot balancing changes made on Erangel and Vikendi. To read more on these changes and all of the other improvements introduced by this patch, check out the full patch notes. Update #8 is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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