An Alan Wake Sequel Could Be Back On The Cards, As Rights Revert to Remedy

By Sam Quirke,
Remedy fans are very excited for their brand new project Control, perhaps more than ever due to the fact that this latest Remedy game won't be exclusive to Xbox. However there's still the question of a sequel to Alan Wake, which made it to the development stage but never saw the light of day.

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Since Remedy broke with Microsoft to start releasing games on multiple platforms, the concept of an Alan Wake sequel making it through the dark forests of development hell was slim, given that the publisher owned the rights to the IP. That has now changed according to a Globe Newswire release, stating that Remedy are receiving a one-time payment of all royalties from the series, and that rights to the Alan Wake IP have now been transferred to the developer.

So will we see an Alan Wake sequel? It's certainly not something we're likely to see soon, given that the developer is hard at work on Control and is also involved in some sort of project involving gigantic eastern IP Crossfire. After that, who knows? There was clearly an appetite for a sequel within the team at one point, and the door is now potentially open to remastering or remaking the original games so that they are available on other platforms. We will keep you posted if Remedy make any further clarifications about this news.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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