Achievement Lists of June 2019: The Easiest, The Toughest and The Best

By Sam Quirke,
July has begun, so it's time to look back on the month just gone and see if there was anything released that's worthy of an achievement hunter's time. This month, we're doing things a little differently — we're looking not just at the easiest games to complete, but also the games that are worth your time; plus, the games that will really give you a challenge.

The Easiest Xbox One Achievement Lists Released in June 2019

Neon Junctions

Neon Junctions Achievements

Price: $4.99 (US) / £4.99 (GB)
Completion Time: 1-2 hours

Puzzle platformer Neon Junctions is a Ratalaika Games Special, which around here means it's a mostly below average game that will take a handful of minutes to complete. BiLLzuMaNaTi has already posted a full achievement video walkthrough on the last Neon Junctions achievement, and notably, that video is just a little over thirty minutes long. If quick and easy gamerscore is your thing, this one isn't exactly going to break the bank.

Download Neon Junctions

ACA NEOGEO Garou: Mark of the Wolves


Price: $7.99 (US) / £6.09 (GB)
Completion Time: 0-1 hour

Another stalwart of easy gamerscore releases, nevertheless players have to be careful with ACA NEOGEO releases due to the occasional stinker of a hard completion. Luckily arcade fighter ACA NEOGEO Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Win 10 edition) is not one of these; the Xbox One version has already established itself as a super-easy completion, and the Win 10 version looks identical in terms of both achievement list and gameplay. YouCan'tSaveHer already has an excellent set of tips on the Xbox One version of the game, which would be easily applicable to the Win 10 version. 90% of its players have already completed the whole achievement list.


While you're at it, there's also ACA NEOGEO FOOTBALL FRENZY and ACA NEOGEO NINJA COMMANDO on Win 10 as of last month, both at a similar price and completion length.


2URVIVE Achievements

Price: $6.99 (US) / £5.79 (GB)
Completion Time: 2-3 hours

The awkwardly named shoot-em-up 2URVIVE needn't hang around on your hard drive for too long thanks to a pretty straightforward completion, which shouldn't take longer than 3 hours. BiLLzuMaNaTi is back once again with a 45 minute achievement guide which should get players through the worst of it. Only 65% of 2URVIVE's players have completed the whole thing; nevertheless, it looks like a straightforward completion if you know what you're doing.

Download 2URVIVE

Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 2: A Bleaker Predicklement

Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 2: A Bleaker Predicklement Achievements

Price: $9.99 (US) / £7.19 (GB)
Completion Time: 2-3 hours

A point-and-click adventure next, just to mix things up. Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 2: A Bleaker Predicklement is the second episode in an ongoing series, which should only take a couple of hours to finish. Just make sure to pay attention to acedawg4's achievement guide for Tea Connoisseur Beyond Compare as you play — you'll need to hit all of these collectibles in one play through.

Download Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement

Doodle God: Evolution

Doodle God: Evolution Achievements

Price: $14.99 (US) / £12.49 (GB)
Completion Time: 3-4 hours

While this latest iteration of alchemy game Doodle God is still sitting at a relatively high TA ratio of 1.41, as with all Doodle God games it really won't take long to finish off, especially with a guide. BiLLzuMaNaTi is on the case again in the achievement guides. It's a pretty fun idle experience if you haven't tried a Doodle game before, but if you have, it's pretty much an identical game that gets tedious pretty quick.

Download Doodle God: Evolution


Hexologic Achievements

Price: $4.99 (US) / £4.19 (GB)
Completion Time: 0-1 hour

Hexologic is a pretty simple number puzzle similar to the traditional, Sudoku-adjacent Kakuro puzzle. Basically players just need to get rows or columns of digits to add up to a total given at the end of the row or column. Hexologic appears to be particularly easy; even though there's a hard mode that has to be completed for the last achievement, 85% of players have already managed it.

Download Hexologic

Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior

Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior Achievements

Price: $4.99 (US) / £4.99 (GB)
Completion Time: 0-1 hour

Look, another Ratalaika game! Like many Ratalaika titles, the full Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior experience seems a little longer and trickier than the scope of the achievement list — you only have to reach the third boss to finish off the list. This platformer shouldn't take you more than half an hour or so to finish off.

Download Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior

Attack of the Toy Tanks

Attack of the Toy Tanks Achievements

Price: $4.99 (US) / £4.99 (GB)
Completion Time: 0-1 hour

Another Ratalaika title, another quick and easy list, and another helpful video from BiLLzuMaNaTi. This time it's tank-based vehicle combat in Attack of the Toy Tanks, and players need to finish 30 levels while getting a gold rating in at least one of them. Nothing much else to write home about here — it's sitting at a 2/5 from our community, so it won't be something you'll be wanting to return to after the achievement list is done.

Download Attack of the Toy Tanks

The Best Games Released on Xbox One in June 2019



Price: $19.99 (US) / £14.99 (GB)

Timespinner is a real throwback, a knowing homage in style and gameplay to the best action-platformers of the 90s. It has been very well received on site at a 4.7/5 — however that's only from 10 votes. Metacritic is a little more balanced, with a Metascore of 73. This is definitely one for fans of the format; while it nails the tropes of the genre and era, apparently it doesn't really innovate.

Download Timespinner

Supermarket Shriek

Supermarket Shriek Achievements

Price: $17.99 (US) / £14.99 (GB)
Completion Time: 8-10 hours

A bit of a nice surprise, this one. Supermarket Shriek launched straight into Xbox Game Pass and straight into my personal line-up of couch co-op party games. One player controls a goat, the other a human, who are stuck in a supermarket trolley. One screams to turn left, the other to turn right. The only objective is to get through increasingly absurd obstacle courses around town. It's as mad as it sounds, but thanks to it's utterly bizarre control scheme it almost feels like running a three-legged race with your friends. It's perfect if Overcooked gets just a little too argumentative for your loved ones. The few outlets that have reviewed it on Metacritic place it between 70 and 80.

Download Supermarket Shriek

The Messenger (Win 10)

The Messenger (Win 10) Achievements

Price: $19.99 (US) / £16.74 (GB)

The Messenger is another throwback to classic action-platformers, but one that was even more critically praised than Timespinner. It has an 83 Metascore for its PC incarnation, and so was a welcome arrival into Xbox Game Pass for PC. You'll play as a ninja navigating deadly traps and enemies while trying to save their clan. The game has also been praised for its tight gameplay and smart sense of humour. It seems definitely worth a go if you already have Game Pass for PC.

Download The Messenger

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

CTR Screens

Price: $39.99 (US) / £34.99 (GB)
The nostlagia is strong with Crash Bandicoot — after a solid reception to the original trilogy's remake last year, the immensely popular arcade racing spin-off has also made a return and continues to impress. Remember, this is the kart racer that many people considered to be on par with, if not better than Mario Kart itself back in the day. It's definitely worth a go if you want to bring your friends around for a race, especially if they remember it from back in the day. Even without the party aspect, it's still a solid and addictive kart racer with a 84 Metascore and a very favourable 4.5/5 from users on TA.

Download Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Tough Achievements Released in June 2019

Supermarket ShriekAnd Alexander weptThe And Alexander wept achievement in Supermarket Shriek worth 513 points3 Star every level

Just because Supermarket Shriek is on our recommended list, doesn't mean it's an easy one to finish off. Only 56 of 11,000 players have managed to get three stars on every level for the final achievement above, giving it a whopping 14.65 ratio. It's worth remembering that this game is in Xbox Game Pass though — there are lots of people trying it out compared to premium games, so it may just be that the ratio is inflated by casual party play. Watch out for that TA ratio decay if you do manage to get it.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Windows)Mein lebenThe Mein leben achievement in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Windows) worth 358 pointsBeat the game on "Mein leben" difficulty

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus arrived on Windows 10 in June, straight into Xbox Game Pass for PC. With it comes a substantially challenging completion. The game is a little notorious for the wild variance in its difficulty modes, but most agree that Mein Leben is especially challenging. If you do manage it, you'll be rewarded with a nice 14.06 ratio achievement at the time of writing.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-FueledGasmoxian SlugThe Gasmoxian Slug achievement in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled worth 499 pointsBeat all of Nitros Oxide's times in Time Trial Mode.

The achievement list for the Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy was a harsh reminder that this kid-friendly series was actually pretty tough. Crash Team Racing is no different, particularly thanks to the brutally tight time trials when trying to beat Nitrous Oxide's records. If you do manage to beat them all, you'll be treated to a respectable 7.67 TA ratio for the achievement as of today.

That's it for our June round-up. What did you pick up in the month, and how did you do with the achievements? Let us know in the comments!
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