Apex Legends: Season Two Has Arrived

By Sam Quirke, 2 months ago
The second season of Apex Legends has officially arrived, and with it comes the expected massive patch. As well as new gameplay features and quality of life improvements, there's some new customisation options and of course, the new Legend Wattson.

Apex Legends Season 2

What are the major changes for Season 2?

Season 2 is called "Battle Charge", and largely focuses on bringing in some meta-game features to bring the experience in line with free-to-play rivals, especially Fortnite. Firstly the second season adds Weekly and Daily challenges. Battle Pass challenges reward STARS for Battle Pass progression — that's a completely separate currency and progression system from the base game's XP, which contributes to Account level progression. The more STARS earned, the more players can level up their Battle Pass and unlock more rewards.

Every day there will be three randomly generated Daily Challenges, from a set of 200 — they are worth 3,000 STARS each. There will be seven Weekly Challenges every week as well — four are worth 6,000 STARS each, while the remaining three will bump players up a full Battle Pass level each. Beyond that, there are weekly resetting challenges that stay the same every week. Completing five and 10 Daily Challenges in a week will net players a full Battle Pass level each. Earning 9,000 STARS or Match XP also grants a level — this challenge is repeatable and unlimited within each week, so hardcore players who focus on playing well rather than completing challenges will still get significant rewards.

There are more Legendary Skins in the reward track, and earning enough crafting materials will allow players to craft their own Legendary items.

There's also lots of brand new cosmetic types, the highlights being Music Packs and Loading Screens. Players can customise the music behind their experience and the visuals while learning by earning themes in loot. There's also new emotes to unlock, specifically allowing players to perform all sorts of nonsensical stunts while still dropping at the start of a round.

There are lots of Battle Pass exclusive rewards to unlock. Everything you can earn in the Battle Pass is only available for the duration of the Season, disappearing forever at the end of the period. You can also learn all about new Legend Wattson in our Legend reveal story.

Season 2 Patch Notes

There are tons of notes, of course, which you can find in the spoiler tags below. Highlights include the emergence of Leviathans in King's Canyon, causing significant changes to the landscape nearby. The other big change is the addition of Ranked Mode, which means players can matchmake according to their skill level and work their way up the league table. Respawn have added that players quitting out of Ranked matches will get additional penalties. RP gain will be zeroed out as well as a matchmaking penalty, and the quitter will also end up paying double the RP entry fee as a fine.

The update also sees the addition of a classic weapon from Titanfall, the L-STAR EMG. You can see it in action below.

Check out the rest of the patch notes below:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The patch is rolling out currently on all platforms.

We've got the full list of Apex Legends achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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