Tetsumo Party Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 15 days ago
We have just picked up the Tetsumo Party Achievement List.

There are 27 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Tetsumo Party Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
After work! As Pharaoh: Drink 20 green tea bottles 95
Can't stop eating! As Pharaoh: Eat 50 sushis 95
Thug Life As Pharaoh: Score 30 point without boosters 25
Master of Time As Mummy: Use 20 clocks 95
Mummy: These walls... As Mummy: Pass 50 walls 15
Around The World As Mummy: Score 30 points on every level 95
Cleopatra: These walls... As Cleopatra: Pass 20 walls 15
Cleopatra: Omnomnom! As Cleopatra: Eat 10 sushis in one game 15
Gymnastics As Cleopatra: Make shake twine 15 times 15
Sumo: These walls... As Sumo: Pass 20 walls in one game 15
Sumo: Omnomnom! As Sumo: Eat 1 sushis in one game 15
Loose Mawashi As Sumo: Pull up pants 15 times 95
Watchmaker As Ninja: Use 3 clocks in one game 25
Golden Temple As Ninja: Score 10 points on Golden Temple on winter level 25
Wall Crusher As Ninja: Crash the wall 15 times 95
Drunken Master As Shogun: Drink 3 green tea bottles in one game 25
Shogun: These walls... As Shogun: Pass 50 walls 15
Conquer Japan As Shogun: Score 50 points on every Japanese level 15
I like green tea! As Panda: Drink 10 green tea bottles 15
Panda: These walls... As Panda: Pass 10 walls in one game 15
A Party! As Panda: Collect 10 sushi and 3 green tea bottles 15
Girl: Omnomnom! As Girl: Eat 10 sushis in one game 25
Girl: These walls... As Girl: Pass 10 walls in one game 15
Great Wall As Girl: Score 4 points on Great Wall 15
Passing Time... As Wise Old Man: Collect 50 clocks 80
Omnomnom! As Wise Old Man: Eat 10 sushis in one game 15
Detox Master As Wise Old Man: Score 50 points without drinking green tea 15
It's Tetsumo Party time! Help sumo warriors win in a hilarious competition. Control their arms and legs to fit the incoming bamboo wall or… drop out in the most ridiculous way!
Tetsumo Party is developed and published by Monster Couch.
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