DiRT 3 Will Include An Online Pass

By Ashley Woodcock, 7 years ago
New copies of Codemasters upcoming rally title DiRT 3 will include the controversial Online Pass. For those thinking of purchasing the title second-hand, be prepared to shell out some of your Microsoft Points in order to gain access to the online features of the upcoming game.

According to Eurogamer, the Online Pass has been "dubbed the VIP Pass" by Codemasters. Originally coming from EA's "Project Ten Dollar" idea, the Online Pass helps developers, such as EA, THQ and a few others, to fight back against the second hand games market.

A little extra will be included with the activation of the VIP Pass besides the obvious activation of online access for DiRT 3. Gamers purchasing a new copy of the title will be able to take five new vehicles for a spin, including a Hummer H3, McRae M4 and a Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500.

Codemasters have also released the launch trailer to keep most of us sweet for just a few more days:

DiRT 3 will be all set for release on May 24th, 2011.
Credit for this story goes to Derbear17
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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