Fallout 76 Team Aims to Improve the New Player Experience in Next Update

By Sam Quirke, 13 days ago
Fallout 76 is still chugging along relatively well considering how poorly it was received, and the latest updates have at least reinvigorated the existing players even if they haven't turned the tide. The next update, Patch 11, promises to make even more changes to help the experience feel a little less weighted against the player, as well as encourage new players to stick around.

Nuclear Wasteland

For the players that have hopped on the game in the last few weeks, Bethesda have noted that the learning curve is a pretty steep and lonely one for a newbie. While we don't know the full list of tweaks the studio are planning to make, we know that characters under level 25 will not pay as much to fast travel, and players under level 15 will have higher resistance to disease. Early game Challenges are being tweaked as well, in order to reward new players with more useful early game items rather than the same rewards veterans are looking for in the late game. Creatures in Ash Heap, Savage Divide and Toxic valley are being balanced as well, so that players don't have such an intensely difficult experience after leaving the forest.

Elsewhere, the patch will bring better item and weapon descriptions, showing all of their attributes rather than just the first no matter which menu you are viewing them in. Recipe items in menus will now describe the item they are used to create so players can more easily work out how useful or worthwhile a recipe is. Stealth Boys will be available to use while in Power Armor after the update, and players will be able to toggle between the Power Armor and standard HUD while wearing one of the iconic super-suits.

As you might expect, Bethesda are planning to address a large swathe of bugs in the next update. While nothing specific is mentioned, Bethesda reference looping sounds, buggy UI and C.A.M.P. building errors in the laundry list of fixes. We'll have to see what makes it to the final update once it arrives around the middle of the month.

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