The Best and the Quickest Games in This Week's Xbox Sales

By Sam Quirke,
Whether you're looking for a cheap and easy completion this week, or a decent discount on a critically acclaimed indie, there's probably something for you in the weekly Xbox Sale. Check out our highlights below!

Which Xbox games in the latest sale are easy to complete?

Haunted Halloween '86

According to Itz Canada Ehh's walkthrough, Haunted Halloween '86 will take you a measly seven minutes to complete. However it has gotten an equally measly 1.9/5 stars from our community. It really all comes down to how hungry you are for that completion, and whether even at £4, seven minutes of gameplay is really worth it. It's also worth bearing in mind that it's a game that was successfully ported to the NES with a physical cartridge — while that's cool for retro fans, it also means the controls are about as basic and fluid as you might have expected back in '86.

planet of the eyes

At a slightly more acceptable 2.9/5, puzzle game Planet of the Eyes will allegedly take less than an hour if you're reasonably competent and follow guns vs kittens' walkthrough. In our official Planet of the Eyes review, Mark commended the game's genuinely engaging story and music despite its short play time. He found it too easy and predictable, but hey — that's why it's in this section of the article, right?

The Path of Motus

The Path of Motus is another short puzzler. Although we don't currently have a walkthrough, the ever reliable BiLLzuMaNaTi has a pretty comprehensive video guide attached to the 100% Completion achievement. It has an average score on site from 135 players, with reviewer Jujii8 stating that it "wasn't boring or bad; it only really suffers from being too short and too easy to forget."

6180 moon cover

6180: The Moon is by all accounts a pretty underwhelming experience, with community member NegativeCreep08's review calling it "aggravating", with no way to plan your unusual, Brick-Breaker style platforming ahead of time — success largely driven by trial and error. However generous checkpoints and a short play time still make this an easy completion that shouldn't take more than 1-2 hours.


Games like Spencer should really only be played by those who really want to get the gamerscore, garnering a pretty miserable 1.7/5 from 287 votes on site. Luckily BiLLzuMaNaTi is here to save us from spending too long in this particular 2D platforming hole with a succinct video walkthrough.

Title Image

You can't expect too much from a game called Sigi: A Fart for Melusina, but it's sitting at a not-entirely-terrible 2.7/5 from the community. KylKo has a solid walkthrough that should get you through this simplistic action-platformer in an hour or so, even with a 30-minute speed run achievement.


Now I've been assured that Refunct is an easy completion, despite my own apparent inability to finish the game in 4 minutes. Despite my frustrations it's really not too bad an experience; it feels like a tech demo, where each milestone on your 3D platforming journey triggers ever taller or trickier towers to rise out of the ground. Provided you don't have the same bizarre mental lock as I do, this one shouldn't take more than an hour.

Which Xbox games in the latest sale are worth playing?

Hue Review

Hue is one of those games that has been bundled, discounted and plain just made free so many times and on so many platforms that you may well own it already without fully being aware of it. But you should — it's a pretty solid puzzling adventure with a cute story and an interesting central mechanic, in which changing the background colour of the level will reveal different routes and obstacles. It's only going to take eight hours to complete, probably less, and NoodlesJr has a great visual walkthrough on site.

Celeste Portrait

Look, how many times do I have to tell you to play Celeste before you will listen to me? I've already given it a five-star review and wittered on even further about its pragmatic portrayal of mental health. It was free with Gold a while back, but if you missed that I hope you will still consider picking it up at a discount. Yes it's a retro 2D platformer, yes it's a bit tricky, but it's so much more than that. And I won't even judge you for using the Assist Mode, I promise — if you choose to use it, you won't find the achievement list too tricky.

Yoku's Island Express

The delightfully bizarre Yoku's Island Express really deserves more love and attention from the general gaming public. This is a game that mashed together pinball and metroidvania, wrapped in the aesthetic of a pre-schooler's cartoon, at yet it works. It's addictive and challenging without ever getting frustrating, and while it does sort of run out of ideas it's compelling and unique enough to be worth a play through. With a 4.3/5 rating on site, our community certainly agrees. It's not the easiest completion, but it's not entirely out of reach either — with a 2.55 ratio on the final achievement, it's somethiing you can be proud of if you manage to make it all the way.

24/08/18 - Screens

One of the more recent games in the sale, A Plague Tale: Innocence was highly critically acclaimed for its creepy atmosphere and approach to story-driven gameplay, favourably compared to Naughty Dog. It's got a very impressive 4.7/5 from the community, so if you trust your fellow achievement hunters it's definitely worth a look at discount. It seems the achievement list is more of a grind for collectibles rather than a skill challenge, but the final achievement still has a respectable 2.18 ratio attached to it.

A Hat In Time

Before the return of Crash and Spyro, the developers of A Hat in Time were already busy reviving the nostalgia for a turn-of-the-millennium cartoony 3D platformer. They did so with a whole bunch of charm and wit and an entirely new set of characters and ideas, earning a respectable 4.3/5 from the community. It's not a massively tricky completion, but the hardest achievement will involve defeating a boss while only having one hit point.

Guacamelee! 2

In a sometimes bloated metroidvania genere, Guacamelee! 2 and its predecessor stand out for their unique fantasy-luchador setting, wonderful characters and a tough but fair sense of challenge. The sequel has a healthy 4.4/5 from the community. Don't expect an easy completion though — of nearly 9000 players tracked on site, less than 500 have completed the game's hardest mode.

PoS 2

Another game of the generation for many of its fans, Shovel Knight is nevertheless a hard sell for anyone not willing to turn back the clock a couple of decades. It's an extremely well designed throwback to the days of Mega Man and Castlevania, providing a colourful cast of characters and some very tough but rewarding challenges. Our community and our official site review both rate it at 4.5, but once again a simple completion will be out of most people's grasp even before the challenging Specter of Torment DLC. The hardest achievement in the base game has only been unlocked by a little over 200 of the game's 12,000 players — for completing the whole game in 90 minutes. View

You can view the full list of the games discounted in the latest Xbox sale here. Will you be picking up any of this week's featured games?

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