TrueAchievements Members Immortalized in The Z Axis: Continuum DLC

By Sam Quirke, 11 days ago
An unusual bit of news for this week – one of the latest DLC packs to hit our scanners features the gamertags of some of our own community members. It's called The Dwaggienite Trials, a free Title Update for The Z Axis: Continuum. Luke Burgess (Dwaggienite) has shared the details of this unusual project with us.

The Z Axis: Continuum

Dwaggienite originally teamed up with Jamie Holub, the game's designer, to run through the game on a Mixer stream prior to release. During the eight hour stream Dwaggienite came across a few bugs and issues which Jamie was then able to fix, and also made some suggestions. For example, the speed run achievements on the original game were set based on the Steam version, but due to the differences in the Unity engine when running on console rather than on PC, the requirements were reduced for Xbox One.

The Z Axis: Continuum

After release, Holub was looking into adding a level creator and sharer for the game to release as DLC, but due to platform restrictions was unable to do so. Instead, Dwaggienite ended up designing a series of levels for a one-off DLC — you can see one of his original designs above and the rest of the level designs below. The Trials are complex, with the second trial encouraging the player to think carefully about using the gravity controls when there are multiple objects at play. The third trial added ball collisions, sending Jamie back to the game's code to optimise. The final trial brings together all that the player has learned into a gauntlet of chaotic challenges. The four trials add 500 gamerscore to what Dwaggienite describes as a "sadly overlooked game", which luckily you can pick up on sale this week.

Dwaggienite plans to continue building levels with Holub into the future, with both agreeing that DLC should be offered for free. Though there might be leaderboards added in the future, Dwaggienite has assured us that there will not be achievements tied to them.

How does Dwaggienite feel about having achievements named after him, and being able to honour some of TrueAchievements' other great community members?

As it is, this is a bit of gaming history for me. We have provided a bit of gaming immortality for some gamers by getting their gamertags as the names of achievements, and that's something that can't be replicated, and is something that a very, very small amount of people have been able to have. I believe this might be the first time that this has ever happened, and in my opinion, that is truly, truly something special.

Gaming is about those single moments in time where, throughout the rest of your lives, you can look back at those single, small moments of time, and go, "I remember, and that was awesome." Having moments like that is what games should strive for; to have something memorable, and for those people named in those achievements, it's a small part of immortality that will live on for as long as the Xbox Achievement system exists.
Here's the full achievement list for The Dwaggienite Trials DLC:

Name Description Gamerscore
Dwaggienite Complete all of Dwaggienite's trials. 75
True Dwaggienite Complete all of Dwaggienite's trials under their respective par times. 125
markhamfists Complete Dwaggienite's final trial. 25
True markhamfists Complete Dwaggienite's final trial in less than 4:00. 50
K4rn4ge Complete Dwaggienite's third trial. 25
True K4rn4ge Complete Dwaggienite's third trial in less than 1:00. 50
SDREW44 Complete Dwaggienite's second trial. 25
True SDREW44 Complete Dwaggienite's second trial in less than 3:00. 50
True failurewarning Complete Dwaggienite's first trial in less than 1:30. 50
failurewarning Complete Dwaggienite's first trial. 25
The Z Axis Continuum and Dwaggienite's free title update are available now on Xbox One.

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