Poll: Ubisoft Plans to Stamp Out XP Farming in AC Odyssey's Story Creator Mode

By Sam Quirke, 2 months ago
A little while ago, Ubisoft added a Story Creator mode to Assassin's Creed Odyssey. This allowed players to craft their own quests, complete with moral choice and dialogue, and share them with other people. It also allowed people to design super-quick missions with a high XP gain. Ubisoft have decided this isn't cool, opting to find as many ways as possible to limit and hide these quests in the name of the feature's "integrity".


In a blog post in the Ubisoft forums, the Community and Development team claim that the farming quests jeopardize the "quality, integrity and purpose" of Story Creator Mode, and could potentially limit consumers' exposure to the genuinely creative stories being published. The plan of attack is to both fix and adjust Story Mode's tools and structure to limit how easy it is to set up farming quests, but also to change the terms and conditions on the Mode to allow for quests to be removed by moderators.

Going forward, XP farming quests won't appear in Ubisoft's recommendation system, including the "trending" and "Hall of Fame" sections. Stories reported for exploitation will be hidden, and players who continue to misuse the tool after the terms of use have changed will be "sanctioned".

While some have approved of the changes, others are a little dubious about Ubisoft's motivation here. Odyssey and its predecessor were both criticised for their levelling grind, particularly when the company choose to sell fast-track XP boosts at a premium in their in-game store. Rather than protecting the sanctity of their Story Creator, many suspect that the publisher is protecting the sanctity of its business model. In a single player game, some argue, does is really matter to other players if some choose to use the game's own systems to speed things up a bit? There is also precedent in other games — the first season of HITMAN has copious amounts of achievement-farming custom missions, and there are rafts of farming and achievement worlds in Minecraft.

We want to know what you think, in this case. Is it so wrong for players to find a way to exploit XP systems in a single-player game? Let us know in the poll and the comments.

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Are XP farming exploits a bad thing in single-player RPGs? Should they be removed?
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