100 Walkthroughs!

By Cee Jay, 7 years ago
To tell you about our latest milestone I’ll pass you over to the walkthrough master himself Tasty Pastry

Tasty Pastry said:

One of the most prominent purposes of TA has always been to provide solutions for those difficult achievements that we all strive to get. The solutions on this site, which are fantastic, provide those quick tips for tackling those single achievements. However, one of the hidden gems of TA is our walkthroughs. Simply put, the point of the walkthroughs is to not only provide you with information on how to get those single pesky achievements, but to outline the game so that you can approach it in the most efficient way possible. In addition, they provide some general hints and tips for gameplay that often “don’t fit” in the typical solution area.

We just hit 100 published walkthroughs which is a real accomplishment given how relatively recently the new feature has been added. This is largely the result of the community we have here on TA. For that, we’d like to throw out a general “thank you” to those who have made this possible! Although this may seem like a trivial amount compared to some other sites, I invite you to check out our walkthroughs to see their amazing quality! Below are some links to four of our most used / recently added walkthroughs on the site if you’re interested in checking them out. You can see a complete list of published walkthroughs by navigating to site pages – walkthroughs, or by clicking this link:


Written by our own site moderator, Drabik!

Written by freakinalex!

Written by the recently interviewed TheUnDeadGod!

Written by our own site newshound, Dat Boi Treezy!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to invite those interested to get into the process. Anyone can write a walkthrough for our site, not just staff members. We have a simple set of rules, which you can find here if you’re interested:

About: Walkthroughs

If, following checking that out, you’re interested in helping out the site by writing a walkthrough, please feel free to volunteer here:
Volunteer to write a walkthrough

Please keep in mind that our walkthroughs are all wiki-style, which means that we only have one walkthrough per game. The first person to post their interest in each walkthrough becomes the owner, while all subsequent people can contribute as an editor. Both types of people have the same abilities; it’s only a matter of title once the walkthrough is published! If you’d like to see walkthroughs that already have an owner you can find that here:

Officially Live Walkthroughs / In Progress Walkthroughs

Any walkthrough not on that list currently has no owner. Ideally we would like a walkthrough for every game on the site someday!
I hope to be posting to you guys again when we hit 100 more! Thanks again to all who have helped in this process (which includes our superb content team members who proofread every single published walkthrough!)
-Tasty Pastry
Cee Jay
Written by Cee Jay
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